I measure my success by my ability to make my clients feel confident dining, speaking and mingling in any environment.

Lisa Orr
Owner, Orr Etiquette
Chief Etiquette and Protocol Consultant

One of Canada’s most recognized etiquette experts, Lisa founded Orr Etiquette in 2013 to help bring civility back to Canadians.Although a life-long Torontonian, Lisa has had the benefit of diverse international, professional, academic and personal experiences in the world of etiquette and protocol that allow her to bring a real world perspective to her work.Lisa’s programs are not what you might think of when you think of etiquette. Her programs are not stuffy or boring but completely interactive with a real emphasis on acquiring modern skills using best in class educational tools for adults and young people. Her focus is on practical applicable etiquette skills that allow her clients to eat and greet with style and confidence wherever they are in the world.

For Lisa it’s really about living her mission. In addition to being a busy mom of three wonderful children, as a small business owner she supports her community by donating her time and her services to make her community a kinder and more civil place.

“Kindness isn’t weakness, It’s confidence”

Lisa Orr

Easily Acquire Confidence and Polished Etiquette Skills

Once you have them, they are yours forever and will give you the confidence that you are putting your best foot forward.

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