How To Successfully Navigate Your Office Holiday Party

December 8, 2015


It’s that time of year! You’ve stayed late, worked hard and delivered results, and now it’s time to celebrate the year end with your colleagues. But as much fun as it is to let loose, the office holiday party really isn’t the place for it and sometimes it’s hard to know where to draw the line, so here are my dos and don’ts to help you successfully navigate the holiday office party this year.


Dress for a Party
Call me old-fashioned, but the holiday office party is an opportunity to step up your fashion game. For a man wearing a suit, enhance your look with a festive pocket square, a great tie and cufflinks. For women, add statement accessories and some great heels, ideally in a powerful colour or a more flattering cut than your everyday workwear. Avoid wearing ensembles that are too tight, too short, or too “holiday” (i.e. excessive sequins or themed outfits, unless you are having an ugly holiday sweater party).

Be on Time
This is a professional event, not your friend’s drop-in holiday potluck, and that means that you have to respect the event time as you would any other office meeting. Often office parties also have an agenda of sorts and include a brief toast or comments from your boss or an executive from the firm, and the last thing you want to do is to walk in late during their remarks. Also, remember that some brave person in your office has gone to great trouble to organize this event, so be sure to RSVP — and if you have RSVPed, make sure to attend, because no-shows are never popular.


How To Host A Hauntastic Halloween Party

October 28, 2015


Halloween is one of the most exciting holidays. It’s a time of year when communities all across Canada come together to create a really magical evening for our children (and adults too, of course) with no agenda, it’s all about having fun!

Unfortunately I’m a little too old for trick or treating, I leave that to my kids now, but I still love Halloween and dressing up and that’s where the Halloween Party comes in! I LOVE Halloween parties because they are one of the few times in the year that as adults we can be really silly and dress up in outrageous costumes and just celebrate with our friends and family. Here are my tips for how to host a Hauntastic Halloween party.

1. Communicate about Costumes

If you do want guests to come in costume, it’s important to be very clear on the invitation that costumes are expected in the dress code section by saying “Dress Code: Costumes — Mandatory”. You can even have a contest for the best costume to really motivate your guests to put together something spooktacular.


How to Be on Your Best Ballot Box Behaviour

October 23, 2015


On October 19 Canadians will head to the polls again to exercise their right to vote for our next prime minister. Many Canadians have already started to cast their ballots, but election day typically sees the biggest turnout. On this very busy day, here are my tips for how to be on your best ballot box behaviour:

1.    Come prepared

On election day everyone is excited to vote and that can mean long line ups. To respect the time of your fellow Canadians, make sure to bring your voter registration card and the necessary ID and if you do have any questions about voting , do a little research first, Elections Canada has everything you’ll need, so you can keep the voting process moving.

How to Host the Perfect Canadian Thanksgiving

October 2, 2015


After a gorgeous summer, fall is finally here — hooray! Fall is my very favourite season and it brings with it one of my favourite holidays, Thanksgiving. I get to do all of the things I love to do: spend time with my family and eat amazing food, all while at my happy place — the dining room table.

Hosting Thanksgiving can be a wonderful experience, however it can get a little stressful having lots of family and guests in your home while having so many special dishes to prepare. Here are my tips for hosting the perfect Thanksgiving meal.

1. Make tricky dishes ahead of time

One of my most-beloved Thanksgiving dishes is pumpkin pie. Unfortunately, in my family we have both gluten and dairy sensitivities. I have to make mine from scratch, and getting the pastry and filling just right is a little labour intensive. To ensure that the Thanksgiving day celebration is as stress-free as possible, I make my pies the week ahead and freeze them so that on the day of I can focus on the foods that have to be prepared rather than trying to juggle hosting and baking. This also works really well for side dishes such as cranberry sauce, yams and other baked veggies. (more…)

Master Movie Theatre Etiquette in Time for TIFF

September 11, 2015


September in Toronto means two things for me: back to school and time for TIFF! TIFF, also known as the Toronto International Film Festival, is a fabulous event full of celebrity watching, amazing energy and, most importantly, incredible films. In order to watch those films, that means we need to head into the movie theatre. Movie theatres to me are wonderful, magical places that allow you to immerse yourself in imagination — so there’s nothing worse than being jolted out of that special state by a poorly behaved movie-goer.

Here are my top five tips for how to behave at the movie theatre.

1. Be Early!
Festival movies are notoriously busy, often with long lines and challenging parking. If you plan to arrive early you can take in the whole experience and perhaps even sight a celebrity but most importantly you can take your seat and get organized without disturbing other movie-goers who are there to enjoy the film.

2. Eat carefully.
If I had it my way, food would not be allowed in movie theatres — I really don’t understand why someone needs to be fed while they are sitting still. However, popcorn and soda are traditional movie theatre food, so for those that do enjoy eating in the theatre, please be mindful of the sounds you make while eating. Try not to crinkle or make too much noise that could be a distraction for other patrons trying to enjoy the film. Also, be mindful of your food (e.g. try not to spill particularly sticky sodas, and wipe them up as best as you can if you do).