What kind of services do you provide?

All programs are custom designed to meet the needs of the client.  Based on the audience and the areas of concern bespoke programming is created to most effectively and efficiently understand the areas of etiquette and protocol.
Program formats include;

One time seminars

Workshop series

Individual coaching

Regular classes

How much do you charge?

Programs can be designed to fit an array of budgets and there are a number of packages available.

What are the benefits to my organization?

Etiquette and protocol education is a straightforward and effective way to develop confidence, leadership skills and specific civility knowledge that is relevant to your organization, association or school.

In a corporate setting, this type of education is very effective for team building, executive development and human resources troubleshooting  (e.g. enforcing technology policy, managing workplace dress code, improving professional and client event participation)

In school settings, etiquette education can help with bullying, enforcing school policies and preparing students for future professional and academic opportunities.

Do you donate your services for charitable events?

Yes. Etiquette is about being an involved and supportive member of a community and I am happy to support the community where I live by donating my services to support philanthropic work.  Please email: info@lisaorretiquette.com for more information.