The Civility Initiative at John Hopkins

A great resource by acclaimed professor Dr. Forni on the power and importance of civility.

Aggravating Circumstances: A Status Report on Rudeness in America

In this report from 2002, we learn how increasing rudeness is negatively affecting our quality of life.

International Personal Space

An insightful paper by Aidon Sammons on our need for personal space and how it varies by culture, nation and gender.

Youth and Family

Overscheduled kids, Underconnected families

A powerful paper from Professor Doherty on how the reality of overscheduled children has changed their lives for the worse and the importance of bringing back the family meal.

The Character Factory

A New York Times article by David Brooks discusses what it takes to build character and why it’s important for families and society.


Education in a Changing World: Flexibility, Skills and Employability

According to a 2008 World Bank report, softs skills are going to be important in the new economy.

Be Nice to Underlings

A 2014 New York Times article discusses how it is no longer acceptable to treat junior employees poorly. Niceness is the new order of the day.

Study: Workplace Incivility Rises

A CBS interview discusses a recent study, “Workplace Incivility: The Target’s Eye View” that shows workplace incivility is on the rise, and 12 % have even quit their jobs because of it.