Royal Etiquette: What To Do If You Meet Prince Harry

April 29, 2016

Prince Harry Attends Unveiling Of The UK Invictus Games 2016 Team


It’s a real life fairytale moment in Toronto, an eligible and undeniably handsome prince will be visiting our fair city. For the first time in 25 years, the dashing Prince Harry will be in Toronto on May 2 to launch the countdown for the third Invictus Games, held in September 2017. For those of you hoping for a Cinderella moment (or at least a glimpse of his royal highness), here are my dos and don’ts if you do happen to run into prince charming.

1. Address him by his proper name
Although in the media Prince Harry definitely comes across as an approachable, down-to-earth fellow, he is still fifth in line to the throne, which means we should do him the courtesy of addressing him properly. While his full name is His Royal Highness Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales, if you do have the chance to speak with him, you should address him first as “Your Royal Highness.” Then,if the conversation continues, it would be “sir.” “Hey, Harry!” isn’t going to cut it.

2. Look but don’t touch
One of the most common breaches of royal etiquette over the years has been faux pas of hugs and back pats of members of the royal family. It is appropriate to shake hands with His Royal Highness if he extends his hand first, but otherwise it’s hands to yourself and you’ll just have to charm him with your witty conversation.

3. You don’t have to curtsy
Although in very formal situations female guests would curtsy and gentlemen would bow as a sign of respect and tradition, it is definitely not required if you’re standing in line. However, if you’re feeling inspired by the fairy tale moment, then go for it but nothing too dramatic — a small curtsy will do the trick.

4. Be patient, don’t start the conversation
If His Royal Highness does come up to you to greet you, please wait for him to begin the conversation. Once he’s said hello you’re welcome to continue the conversation. May I suggest doing some research on the Invictus games, which are amazing, so that you have some common ground?

5. Please don’t ask for his autograph or a selfie!
Unfortunately members of the Royal Family are not allowed to give out of their autograph, as it is a breach of protocol. As for selfies, Prince Harry is not a fan, so please don’t ask him for one. If you must capture the moment just take a regular pic of him so you can show your friends and family who your future husband might be. You never know!